""Stock Plans" are pre-drawn construction working drawings of home designs.  Stock plans are available for purchase, and provide a savings of both time and money for the prospective homeowner, or home builder.  Complete sets of construction working drawings prepared for these homes include all of the architectural drawings needed to submit for a building permit, for bidding purposes, and for the construction of the home.

With each plan order you will receive six sets of blueprints.   Additional sets are available for $15 each.  All plans include: floor plan, foundation plan, exterior elevations, cross sections and structural details, structural framing plans, diagrammatic mechanical and electrical plans.  Site plans are available for an additional fee when a complete site survey and legal description is provided to us along with all the setback, easements, topography, and zoning information.

Study plans are available of each plan for $20.  Study plans include a large scale floor plan and in most instances the four exterior elevations.  Study plans are a good way to take a closer look at a plan which you are considering purchasing.  To order a study plan click here.

Before ordering plans you should check with your local Building Safety Department regarding zoning information and building setbacks.  In some instances an engineers report is advised relative to certain design criteria such as heavy snow loading, soil considerations, or severe wind or seismic conditions.

Please note that all of the exterior designs shown can be ordered as presented , or revised to northwest, or mid-west detailing.  Floor plan revisions can be made to suit your individual needs.  Please feel free to contact our office to determine the extent of any design  changes that you wish to make on either the interior or exterior design of the home design that you have selected. 

We are a full service architectural design firm.  If you do not find a stock home plan that meets your needs, please contact us and we can discuss your custom home design.


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